Meeting presentation videos

Meeting presentation Videos

This page contains videos showing presentations given during project meetings. Click the links below for jumping to the corresponding video windows.

Wageningen meeting - September 2012

Selecting Water Harvesting techniques in Zambia  Existing and potential Water Harvesting techniques in Tunisia
 video video 
 Presentation of Arthur Chomba Eldred about the selection process of Water Harvesting techniques for the Zambia case study in the WAHARA project.  Presentation of Mohamed Ouessar about existing and potential Water Harvesting techniques in Tunisia in the WAHARA project.
 The Quick Scan tool  Application of the WOCAT mapping tool
video  video
Presentation of Mike Krikby about the Quick Scan tool. The Quick Scan Tool is a software tool that enables the user to get a course scake view of Water Harvesting possibilities/potential for a certain given GPS location. Presentation of Eyasu Yazew abou the technologies and approaches described by using the WOCAT mapping technology, applied for the Ethiopia case study.
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