WAHARA - Water Harvesting for Rainfed Africa

Introduction to the WAHARA project

In the variety of contexts in Africa – from arid to humid – the availability of water has become increasingly important, making an improved capture and usage of water essential. To ensure a continuous water supply for agricultural crops, water harvesting has been carried out in the earliest agricultural practices; however the environment has changed, as well as the number of people depending on it.

This is where the WAHARA project will make a difference: four countries, four pilot projects, one goal: increasing the potential of water harvesting.


WAHARA meeting scheduled in Wageningen

The next coming WAHARA project meeting is scheduled to take place from Monday September 17th until Tuesday September 18th. This 2-day workshop is dedicated to evaluating the work done until now, and to discuss the setup of the stakeholder workshops that are going to take place coming half year.

The purpose of the planned stakeholder workshops is to involve these people in the study sites in deciding which most prominent problems should be tackled and which approach can be most successfully used for doing this. Involving local stakeholders, encourages necessary cooperation and involvement 'on the ground', which is a key issue for success of the project and future inmplementation of Water Harvesting measures.

Venue for the meeting is the 'Hof van Wageningen' hotel in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The meeting is organised by project coordinator Alterra.

The preliminary meeting program can be downloaded HERE.

[update 19SEP2012] a number of meeting presentations can be viewed on this page.

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