WAHARA - Water Harvesting for Rainfed Africa

Introduction to the WAHARA project

In the variety of contexts in Africa – from arid to humid – the availability of water has become increasingly important, making an improved capture and usage of water essential. To ensure a continuous water supply for agricultural crops, water harvesting has been carried out in the earliest agricultural practices; however the environment has changed, as well as the number of people depending on it.

This is where the WAHARA project will make a difference: four countries, four pilot projects, one goal: increasing the potential of water harvesting.


Kickoff meeting WAHARA project

From May 9th until May 12th 2011, the first official WAHARA project meeting was held in Schoorl, the Netherlands. Project partners from the Netherlands (ALTERRA, WU-LDD, MetaMeta), Zambia (GART), Ethiopia (Mekelle University), Burkina Faso (INERA), Tunisia (IRA)were present and on monday gave a presentation on behalf of their institution to present themselves.

On tuesday, some presentations were given that covered some techniques and concepts that will be used throughout the project.

Besides some excursions to a.o. some Dutch water supply infrastructure projects, the working plan for the first project year was discussed and finalized. After three days of fruitful cooperation the project partners returned home again. The next general meeting will most probably be held in Ethiopia in the beginning of 2012.

The presentations given during the meeting can be downloaded HERE.

The meeting minutes can be downloaded HERE.

Wahara Kickoff Meeting, NLD, May 2011
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