Field Activities Zambia

The following WHT were described with the WOCAT questionnaires






Animal draft-Ripping

Improves soil water storage by breaking compacted soil, preserves soil cover, increases infiltration and organic matter content. Depressed furrows harvest rainwater


Animal draft-Strip tillage (new)

Loosens by lifting the soil with sub-surface wingsand letting it fall in place, which causes less soil disturbance and improves infiltration, organic matter content and water holding capacity


Animal draft-Zero tillage (new)

Low cost planter makes zero-till possible for animal draft farmers.



Hand hoe Planting basins




The following WHT were selected for test-implementation

  1. Zai pits
  2. Magoye ripper
  3. ox-drawn strip tillage
  4. ox-drawn zero tillage with the GART planter

The pictures below gives an impression of the selection workshop.

Picture: Arthur Chomba

Picture: Arthur Chomba

A site for field implementation was selected, and WHT will be implemented before the next
rainy season. As most of the selected WHT are different ways of ploughing, they cannot be
implemented earlier.

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