Field Activities Burkina Faso

The following WHT were described with the WOCAT questionnaires





Burkina Faso


Large soil bund used in places where no rocks are available to make stone lines

Burkina Faso


Small pond about 8*12 m, depth > 2 m

Burkina Faso


Large pond with diameter 30-40 m and depth > 6 m

The following WHT were selected for test-implementation

  1. Zaï
  2. Stones lines
  3. Mango Ripper
  4. Talya tray

The pictures below give impressions of the stakeholder workshop, which included a visit to the field (all pictures by Hamado Sawadogo).

A site for field implementation was selected, and WHT were implemented for testing. Monitoring is currently on-going. The figures below give some impressions.



Above: Experiments at Ziga (pictures by Hamado Sawadogo). Left: control; Right: Zai with microdosing and compost manure.

Above: Experiments at Somyaga (pictures by Hamado Sawadogo). Left: microdosing (zaï+compost manure+62kg.ha NPK); Right: doses recommended by extension service (Zaï+compost manure+100kg.ha NPK).

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