Field Activities

As the same methodological approach is used in all study sites, field activities in all sites are also similar. For example, the following activities have been or will be conducted in all study sites:

  • Stakeholder workshop to inform stakeholders about the WAHARA project and to discuss the current use of water harvesting techniques (WHT) with them
  • Household surveys were held
  • Description of WHT with the WOCAT questionnaires (
  • Selection of WHT to test-implement in the study sites, using participatory workshops
  • Choice experiments have been or are being conducted as validation of the selection of WHT made at the stakeholder workshops
  • Adaptation and implementation of selected WHT and monitoring these WHT to study their effectiveness
  • Feedback to stakeholders on monitoring results as well as modelling

However, as each site has its own bio-physical, socio-economic and political characteristics, there are also differences in the way in which these activities are executed in the different sites. Besides, the WHT that have been selected in the different sites are of course also different. More information on the individual sites can be found on the site-specific pages.

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